10 Diseases You Can Get From Your Cat, Did you know it ?

10. Salmonella . Salmonella is a bacteria variety that resides in the gastrointestinal tract. In most cases, salmonella is linked with the consumption of meat, eggs, and poultry products but it has been proved that animals can ingest salmonella and transferred to humans through their fur and feces. In an interview with Newsmax Health, Dr. Calico Schmidt, DVM, clinical instructor of veterinary medicine at the University Of Wisconsin School Of Veterinary Medicine, he said he is aware of the fact that some individuals are feeding their cats a raw diet. He also advised meals for pets should be adequately cooked, and ensures your hands are thoroughly washed after giving your cats food and touching their feces. It is also an excellent idea to use good old soap and water to eliminate germs. Salmonella can also be transferred from pet reptiles and responsible for kidney failure and severe bloody diarrhea in human beings.