10 Diseases You Can Get From Your Cat, Did you know it ?😱😰

Are you scared of contracting the sickness of your cat when it falls sick? Dr. Patrik Roys, DVM, who is the owner and veterinarian of Applebrook Animal Hospital, talks about ten varieties of diseases that can be mutually shared by you and your pet.


These are the ten diseases that are quickly spread by Cats:


1. worms in cats and dogs : ringworm in cats and dogs is a very contagious disease that can be transferred from your cat to you simply by grooming it . It’s a very common fungal infection and manifests as a characteristic, reddish spot that have a darker edge along the center. However, topical treatments can be used for the treatment of ringworm . On the other hand, Tapeworms in cats, usually spread by fleas in cats, can live as parasites in the human gastrointestinal tract causing infections, especially in kids. Ensure to place your pet on preventive flea medication and that your hands are thoroughly washed .
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