How to Make Funny Viral Youtube Video?



A viral video is a video that becomes popular among many people due to its content, which captured many people’s attention.

Making a viral video is a great way to create attention for yourself and show the world your video making talents. Youtube makes it a lot easier for you to gain worldwide fame if you have the right imagination and equipment, without the hassles of stepping into Hollywood.

Baby Laughs Like A Sheep

This baby has the BEST laugh ever 😂😂

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Humorous videos are more likely to go viral because people enjoy having a good laugh and will more likely share the video with others if it seems funny enough.

Although it’s uncertain which video will create a sensation, they are some key points if followed will increase the chances of an internet smash video.

1. Look at it from the viewers perspective – The most important thing in a video to go viral is to capture the imagination of the viewers. Start looking at things from the viewers’ point of view. Ask yourself if you were browsing Youtube what kind of video will hold my attention? Will I watch the complete video? Will I share this video with others? These are the questions you should repeatedly ask yourself. Keep things simple with a clear audio, good video quality, and the most important aspect is to keep the video short and to a point. This is entirely true if you are starting out so that even a person with a small attention span will probably end up watching your video.


Hiker Survives Two Grizzly Bear Attacks

This is absolutely insane 😳
via ViralHog

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2. Jot down the ideas – It’s important to jot down ideas that you might stumble upon. If you get an idea related to the video you are about to make, make sure you write it down, so you do not have to worry about losing an important idea for your video and also coming short of ideas later on.

In this way, you can choose among many ideas and pick the few that will help you create good content.

3. Use a slightly different approach – If your video has a new concept to it, the chances are that it might capture many people’s attention. When you look at most of the funny videos that went viral online. Most of them did not follow the trend and came up with a whole different concept. It was once a popular idea to create videos that had many similarities with other popular videos and still go viral. But that has changed over the years. Due to a constant stream of novelistic approach in many Youtube videos, people don’t opt to watch videos having the same old ideas and look for contents having a different concept.


4. Connect with a video that already famous – Although it’s important to come up with a new idea when making a video. You must have noticed that once a video becomes quite popular, you’ll see many parodies and mash-ups jumping on the bandwagon. People love watching videos that refer to a video that was once quite popular. It helps them go nostalgic, and if it’s a parody, it makes them connect with the joke and are more likely to end up watching your video and sharing it with others. Since it refers to a video that’s already popular there is a good chance that many people will stumble on it.


Real Life Mario Kart Looks So Fun

Real-life Mario Kart… with your friends? 👍👍

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Finally, it’s impossible to predict with certainty what will appeal to other people’s fancy, but you can help your video get popular by posting it on the right channel. Posting it on your website with less traffic will do nothing to help the video gain popularity. It’s also important to post the video on multiple social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or anywhere else so that it reaches a wider audience and is shared by many people.



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