LOOK how to stay young !


How to stay young

Old people are considered non-productive in society. With this article you are going to gain tips on using natural ways to keep yourself young.

Remain Stress free

Stress is one common way of getting old. The more you are stressed, the more the pressure in your circulatory system builds up. This will create many wrinkles. Therefore, it is very important that you keep stress at a minimum if you want to stay looking young.



Many people will hate to hear, but you need to workout. Four to five times a week you must stay active for at least 30 minutes. You should be training to build muscle and to improve flexibility.

If you are new to working out, don’t worry. You can always hire a trainer or spend some time online surfing the net finding advice on where to begin.

Weight training for beginners – The Herald We often hear of that weight training stunts the growth of the young. I think that is a myth. … Individuals who naturally have posture challenges might have to stay away from such exercises and use safe alternatives like the leg press. Teenagers also …

If weights are not your thing, then maybe try learning a new sport. Think about your gym class as a kid. What sport did you love playing? Try to use that as another form to workout.

http://www.moultrienews.com/sports/local-seniors-using-basketball-to-stay-young/article_d0d93e2e-0a73-11e7-b4d3-2b2786c09ab2.htmlLocal seniors using basketball to stay young – Moultrie News For some it’s the exercise, others it’s the camaraderie and for many it’s about preserving that feeling of yesteryear the game can provide. “The game keeps me young,” 68-year-old Mike Dellembach said. “It’s fun. Everything works better even if you’re …

Eat Smart

Meals are essential for our bodies. It is important that you get a good meal in order to help your body organs. Your cells need a balance of vitamins and minerals to stay strong and vibrant. If you make your body work hard, it will burn out soon and age too soon. Many people think eating healthy is expensive, but it can really be affordable.

http://www.mybighornbasin.com/2017/04/07/healthy-eating-on-a-budget/Healthy Eating On a Budget – mybighornbasin And planning meals in advance is a smart way to save money – you know exactly what ingredients you’ll need for the recipes you’re making, so nothing goes to waste. And if you have food that needs to be used before it goes bad, incorporate those into …Zing! Blog by Quicken Loans (blog)


Having enough rest

Our bodies are like machines, so they too need to rest. How often can you say you had a great night of sleep? Many complain about their quality of sleep. You need to focus on improving this. The better you rest, the lower your stress and the higher your energy is. Rest will help you make smart decisions that lead to a stress-less life.




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