LOOK How To Live Stress-Free !


Stress brings many health problems such as hypertension, high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, and obesity among others.


To live a stress-free live means first identifying the “stressors” and beating them. Out-of-control-stress can worsen your health conditions.

Factors causing stress
• Chaotic personal and home life
• Unhealthy eating, smoking, and drinking
• Stressful work
• Financial problems

Eliminate distractions
Focus on engaging in things that work. Avoid distractions and do the things that you love. Live in the moment and stop over analyzing things that have not happened yet. Let your past mistakes remain in the past and live your present. Learn the lesson of your past and use them without replaying the situations you can never reverse time changes and so do people, accept the positive lessons you have learned and move on with your life.

Useful friends
The company you keep affects the quality of your life. Keep good friends who build you and not those who distract you from important things in your life. Surround yourself with positive friends and ignore negative friends.


Be satisfied with your life
Do log live a life or regret wishing you had more than you have. This includes both material and immaterial things. Appreciate the intangible things around you. Cherish the important things in your life like family, friends, work, hobbies, and other interests.

Accept your limits
Participate in things you are comfortable with and are within your limits. Everyone has a breaking point. Take a task you can handle comfortably. Multi-Tasking appears efficient as it relies on using minimal effort in multiple engagements or projects. However, guard against training yourself.

Let go of hurt or painful past
Do not cling to anger or hold grudges. Learn to forgive others and to forgive yourself for your bad decisions. Bitterness pollutes the mind and results in stress or depression. The more you hold on to anger, the more you suffer inside. Some things are not worth losing sleep over, and you deserve to live free without the bitterness. Without the anger, resentment, and grudges you can achieve true happiness and realize your full potential.



Healthy eating habits
To chance your physical appearance either because you are too fat or too slim, eat responsibly. Do not concentrate on the predicaments but make the necessary adjustments to achieve satisfactory results. Learn to do what is necessary. Change your lifestyle and be happy and comfortable with your choices.


Appreciate your strengths and stop focusing on your weaknesses
Do not live a wannabe life where you constantly wish you did not have this and that. Enjoy the good things you have like family, friends, work, and achievements. Build on your positives while accepting corrections for your weaknesses. Everyone has unique qualities. Live your life according to your standards.


Simplify your finances and schedule
A hectic schedule is a major stress contributor. Reduce the number of commitments and allow yourself time to rest and do other hobbies to keep you motivated and to decompress your system. Figure out a way of simplifying your financial problems. Start savings and reduce your debts by managing your expenses and bill payments. Find other ways of having fun without spending money. Do a cleanup of nonessential engagements in your life and replace them with things that give you joy like spending time with friends, going to watch games, movies, adventure, dates or playing fun games.


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