This is a beautiful world that we have.

As diverse as it is wide and concealing much more magnificence than we read in the geography books. To experience this beauty in entirety you have to pack your suitcases and travel. When life becomes boring and you are stuck at the same point of this huge sphere for far too long,an adventure is all that you need. Travel to a place you’ve never been to, challenge yourself with new experiences and thrills. Go to a distant place and learn a new language, sample new cuisines and know different cultures. Meet new people and let your mind be opened to see the world from different perspectives. Carry your family and relatives and together create memories that will last a lifetime. And when you’re stagnated in life and need to discover yourself more, travel to a far destination. Where you don’t know any place or anyone. And there, let the beauty of this world nurse your fears and allow the strangeness of this place that you thought was familiar calm you.


However, as much as travelling is good for the mind, soul and relationships, it is controlled by various factors . Many Reasons Why I’m Thankful I Travel with My Family – You also enter into a covenant with your partner when you decide to fly together as a family. Covenants are crucial in any relationship, but the one you make when you travel echoes the one that you had when you embarked on childbirth and infant care …


Most of the time one is held up at work or worrying about the children in school and hence cannot travel whenever they would like to. Various factors at the place of destination also affect. One will definitely refrain from travelling to a place that has been hit by natural disasters, where there is political unrest or where the climate is unbearable. Above all the cost of travelling, is the major determiner of when people travel. However, no one should deny themselves a chance to explore this world since there are cheaper times to travel. Below are some of the best times of the year to travel for less to different parts of the world.

The United States of America is vast and has varied climatic seasons all year round. During the peak season which is usually during the summer, the hotel prices are high and tourist attractions are overcrowded. However, during autumn and fall which is usually between September and November, the schools are usually in session hence hotel prices are low and there is no overcrowding. The temperatures are average and there are several events such as the Halloween, Thanksgiving and the football season to keep you entertained.

For winter sports lovers, the winter season is the best for their thing. The costs are also low during this season.

The beaches of the Caribbeans are always in the bucket list of any traveller. Though charges to these destinations are high, there are times of the year when they are quite low and affordable. During the rainy season which runs from June to November , hotel occupancy is low and hence the charges are low too. The beaches are also less crowded. One should however check with the weather forecast sites for probable hurricanes and storms.
Europe offers some of the best skiing sites in the world and hence it is a paradise for winter sports lovers. Better still, due to the low demand during winter, airfares and hotel charges are low and there are more vacation perks. This season runs from November to March.

Traveling to Australia is cheapest from September to November the period just before the peak season.

Sydney Fringe Festival and Sculpture by the Sea are some of the events to keep a traveller busy at this time of the year.
Different parts of Africa have different climatic conditions which affect travelling patterns and consequently the travelling costs. Likewise, diffetent countries in South America experience different travelling patterns but generally, travelling is cheap when children are in school and when no major event is taking place such as The Carnival in Brazil.

Generally, when the demand for a certain tourist site is low, the cost of visiting this site is also low. Vacation perks are better in this period and due to the few people travelling, one can explore the new places without being shoved from side to side by crowds.


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